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Cathy Lovelady

"I wanted to take a chance on email marketing and I am glad it was with ProspectPro. The cost was so reasonable and they helped with everything from the message to the artwork and to the delivery and follow up. I was happy. I was amazed though at the response we have had and how quickly! Excellent staff to work with and great follow through on every promise."

Oleg Suvorov

"I wanted to take a moment of your of your time to express my appreciation for all of the great work that you gentlemen did for me with first of all, delivering a great presentation of your product/services. And later on going over all of the fine points in the kickoff call. I really appreciate all of the help and advice. I personally believe that I received just about the highest level of customer service one could dream of. Once again, thank you very, very much. I look forward to working with you in the future."

Brett Bernstein
Real Estate Specialist

"I have recently started a campaign with ProspectPro. John Wright is a pleasure to work with. He is honest, sincere, transparent, and persistent. While just in the initial phase of implementation the results we are getting is what was what they indicated and what I was expecting. The regular updates by the staff is extremely helpful to the continued success of the program. It fits very nicely with my other marketing efforts and budget. Thanks guys!"

Maria Murray

"My campaign with ProspectPro was simply refreshing. I was immediately drawn to ProspectPro after seeing how inexpensive it was to reach out to thousands of local prospects. Throughout the entire campaign I was receiving help and suggestions from the Campaign Manager assigned to my account. We were able to measure my statistics with other Orangetheory Fitness locations and adjust my campaign accordingly to make sure I was maximizing the emails I had left. Tracking any advertisement is tough, but ProspectPro helped me improve those efforts throughout the campaign. Their suggestions paid off huge and resulted in 8 new member sign ups in the last month alone! The best 3 words to sum up my time with ProspectPro would be profitable, punctual, and effective."

Diana Pay

“I am a Curves owner and have been for years. The lifeline of my business is New Members. Without new members on a monthly basis my business would struggle or fail. After being contacted by ProspectPro and going through an online demo of their Email Marketing Campaigns I decided to give them a try with a small campaign. After my first email send; I was shocked by the results! I had signed up two new members within a week of starting with ProspectPro! This not only covered the cost of the marketing campaign for the entire year, but also had doubled my investment, meaning I had a profit after 1 email send, thank you ProspectPro! Their customer service and communication has been terrific, and not only did they design my Advertisement but also advised me on a strong offer to get as many new prospects into my Curves location as possible. As a business owner I am contacted all the time with marketing ideas, and a major reason I used ProspectPro was because of their honesty with results and expected return. They didn’t promise me the world like a lot of other marketing companies have, they were conservative with their projections and my results have been right on par with what they expected. I could not be happier with this decision and their service and would recommend ProspectPro to any small business owner that is looking for a cost-effective way to drive new customers from your local area.“

Andy Seguin
Digital Marketing

“The quality of their work, their willingness to always do more than expected, timely delivery, and their understanding in the ecommerce industry is quite remarkable. Because of the great results our franchisees have received with ProspectPro, we now include them in all of our media plans.”

Lizi Fetter
Marketing Director

“Working with ProspectPro has been pretty good! Having never done this type of hyper-targeted marketing before, I appreciate having a staff of professionals that are willing and eager to educate me, execute on my behalf and get our franchisees excited with results coming in.”

Master Park

“When I signed up for ProspectPro for my Karate studio, I bought a plan that sends out 2 emails drops per month for 3 months. I signed up to email 20,000 consumers on each send. After the first deployment I had to call and change it to 1 deployment per month, the response was too much!”

Managing Owner

"We are Jamba Juice franchisees in the greater Philadelphia area. At Jamba we focus on healthy, good for you nutrition on the go. Before working with ProspectPro we were trying to figure out how to get our name out to local consumers. Being a new name in the Philadelphia area it is extremely important to consistently brand our name. We learned about ProspectPro from a corporate representative who thought they might be able to help us with our challenges. We began working with the ProspectPro team last year and have seen new customers who didn’t know we were in Philadelphia. The team is always helpful, informative and quick to help with any challenge that may arise. They are great people to work with and great at what they do. It is important to us to be able to get the word out to new customers each time rather than the same customers constantly receiving information about us. ProspectPro is extremely affordable and is able to do just that. We have a great working relationship and look forward to continuing that in the future.”

Roger Gujral

“The email advertising service provided by ProspectPro has been outstanding. We are seeing redemptions, and more return customers. This is my 2nd renewal with ProspectPro, and our experience with them has been very positive. I am constantly faced with challenges in finding a cost efficient way to promote my deli. ProspectPro provides an advantage and stretches my marketing dollars further when compared to advertisements out there. These guys are truly experts in what they do. If you are looking to promote your business without spending a ton of your marketing dollars; ProspectPro is the best solution.”

Tracy Platt
Owner & Artistic Director

“We have been working with ProspectPro for only 2 months and the increase in the amount of hits on our website is astounding! We have gotten so many more emails with interest in our dance studio and have already signed on at least 20 new students because of this wonderful company. They have helped get the word out about our dance studio to the masses. I highly recommend working with this company. We have worked with Vinny Piraino as well as others and they are always very professional and very helpful. Thank you ProspectPro!”

Letty Cruz

“I'm pleased with the results of the campaign. We are getting new inquiries and new students from the target population.”

Jimmy Theodoridis

"We put out 3000 emails and we actually got almost 132 responses, which was phenomenal! And it was all brand new customers. This was exactly what I was looking to do for the store. If you own a business you should give ProspectPro a try.”

Ocean Fish Market

Kevin Bates
Senior Vice President

"We have been using CityTwist for over a year, and pilot testing CityTwist’s new program ProspectPro in nine of our corporate Precision Tune Auto Care locations. Our Marketing Fund board has voted to launch a nationwide trial. We have found every member of CityTwist’s staff and management to be very responsive, knowledgeable, and efficient. Our goal is to continue to use ProspectPro to reach new customers creating brand awareness and response. We hope to make this affordable tactic a permanent part of our marketing “tool box”.

Richard Marsh

"We have been testing CityTwist’s ProspectPro program in four of our Safe Ship locations. We have seen redemptions, and continue to see more from this very affordable program. The staff is very responsive, helpful and efficient. It’s a business owner’s dream to find affordable ways to reach new customers, create brand awareness and capitalize on returning customers. Without any hesitation we are making this program a permanent part of our annual marketing."

Alejandro Garcia

"My experience with the ProspectPro program has been great. As new business owners, we were uncertain about the initial response we could expect from the local community. With every mailing we saw more and more coupons coming in. In addition, many of these new customers bought coffee bags and returned as repeat customers. ProspectPro’s staff goes above and beyond to provide great customer service. The response from these mailings, and working with ProspectPro, exceeded my expectations. Outstanding all around. I highly recommend and encourage business owners to sign up. Thank You ProspectPro!"

Kostya Kimlats

"The team at ProspectPro has been supportive every step of the way. They've customized everything we have asked them to do and we are starting to see positive returns on our investment."

Kate Wilber

"We are always looking for new ways to get great exposure for our clients and ProspectPro does just that. With such an affordable program and the quality leads it consistently brings, I suggest it to all of my "local business" clients as part of their overall marketing strategy!"

Steve Eckstein

"ProspectPro has made it easy to reach new customers and say thank you to your loyal regular ones. The friendly staff makes setting up a campaign easy. They were so great to work with, spending the extra time to answer any of my questions and setting up just the right program. Once everything was in place it was interesting and amazing the response we received. Once the coupons were coming in, my staff kept them in a separate folder and started a new database for our Restaurant! Thanks ProspectPro!"

Carlene Franklin & Rochelle Long

"CityTwist put together a great campaign that has, after only two drops - first drop 32 opens 5 clicks, with 2 clients purchasing our service. Our second drop, September 5, has netted 75 opens 4 clicks. WOW! We expect more net profit in the coming drops! Art's Boldetskiy's expertise, combined with the marketing department's great superior artistic design, makes for a great email marketing tool! We highly recommend ProspectPro for your email marketing needs."

Thomas Waidelich

"Using ProspectPro’s email service has been one of the better marketing tools I have used to date. Preferring to statically strike a geographic area then doing a blast emailing, I have been able to increase my target audience significantly. Thank You ProspectPro!"

Emily Whitaker

"Clark Tire has just completed its first 4 month campaign with ProspectPro. The experience has been very smooth and easy. Art and Leo have been great to work with…very patient with us and very helpful. We couldn’t ask for better people to work with!! Any questions we have are always answered quickly, changes to ads are made within an hour or two, and follow up is great!!!! Great advertising for the price and prospect of bringing in new customers!!! Thank you!!!"

Bob Ferrick

"Just wanted to let you know the email blasts we are doing is proving to be a big part of my advertising program. At first I was looking at is as a branding tool but know I have seen real results. Not often fair pricing and good results come in the same package!!!"

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